DECAL pays particular attention to the safeguard of the environment, promoting programmes and investments aimed at ensuring the highest standards of environmental protection.
The constant search for compatibility between industrial activity and protection of both the workplace and the environment, represents a key to success which constantly gains relevance in the current competitive challenges in the marketplace.

Particularly devoted  to safety and environmental protection, DECAL has often become pioneer in the use of technology or innovative technical solutions which preceded and extended beyond the requirements imposed by the applicable laws and regulations.

In addition to having obtained environmental certifications according to the ISO 14000 and EMAS standards, Decal has implemented in-house programs in order to reduce power consumption and stimulate the use of renewable energy such as the use of solar energy for heating and electrical power generation, the use of water rains and the use of LED Technology (Light Emitting Diodes), in some processes of our Terminals.



Workplace safety is vital for Decal. In order to constantly improve our services, reduce our personnel´s exposure to risk and increase the efficiency of the operations, DECAL makes use of modern automated safety devices:

  • Continuous tank monitoring systems
  • Nitrogen blanketing for tanks containing inflammable products and for line clearing
  • Fire-fighting systems operated by remote control from control rooms located in safe areas
  • Completely automated systems
  • Logistics computerization

DECAL keeps on improving its safety standards.


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