Koalagas – Barcelona

Storage and handling services for LPG


Koalagas is a joint-venture created by Decal España and Primagaz. It is located in the port of Barcelona and supplies storage and handling services specifically for LPG

It is the first company in Spain to have adopted TEXSOL® protection for LPG spheres in order to achieve maximum safety. It involves tanks using innovative technology for the storage of propane and butane.

The use of LPG spheres coated with TEXSOL® forms part of Decal’s safety policy. The structure of the tank walls (sand and plastic thread in the ratio of one cubic metre of sand to 250 kilometres of plastic thread) makes the tanks more resistant to fire and explosion than traditional LPG tanks.


Barcelona Terminal

Total surface: 1.74 ha



  • propane
  • possibility of handling and storing butane


Loading facilities (road)

  • 2 loading points with weighbridge
  • fully automated system
  • antifreeze additivation



  • products reception (by tanker, truck)
  • storage, segregation
  • odouring additivation in line during ship discharge
  • propane and butane in line mixing (future)
  • products shipping (by tanker, truck)

Quality system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 (in progress)

Muelle de Inflamables, s/n
Puerto de Barcelona - 08039 Barcelona
Tel.: +34 (93) 289 51 76 - Fax: +34 (93) 289 51 73
E-mail: jplanta@koalagas.es

Storage capacity

total capacity: 4,000 m³
number of spheres 2
handling capacity 20 trucks per day
possibility of extension of 4 additional spheres with 8,000 m³  


Shipping facilities

1 jetty for ship discharge  
maximum tonnage 35,000 DWT
maximum LOA: 210 m
available draught 11.7 m (equivalent to 38 ft)
beam: no restriction


Loading hours

Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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